Come for a session to find out more about the powerful horse - human connection and the reasons so many studies show that horses are fascinatingly therapeutic.

Their authentic nature as prey animals who have never been taught to hide feelings and reactions, help ground humans - who are pretty much the opposite.  Don't be scared, don't cry, calm down, behave, be quiet, all phrases we are taught (and often hear repeatedly) as we develop our unconscious minds.  Having been taught composure and 'how to behave' as we are expected to; how are we ever able to release those buried, denied emotions that possibly should have been 'allowed' to be expressed as and when experiences and major events occurred in our lives? Enter the horse.....  horses don't lie. Horses do not hide their feelings. Horses do not have agendas or have anything to prove.  They are real. 

A simple 1.5 hour coaching session with a horse, will almost definitely provide a profound change in any human's life. Perhaps release an emotional blockage. Maybe solve a longstanding issue that will allow you to leave the past in the past. Provide tools for better communication, problem solving, understanding the root of your reactions, and getting out of 'your story'.

There is nothing to lose.  We all need more 'present moments'.  When you are with a horse, you are present..... you don't have any other option.  They weigh 1200 lbs (ish) - your constant focus and attention is required.

​Equine Gestalt coaching will be available from January 1st, 2024.