Attend 2 weeks of mandatory camp at the end of August​​

1 Flat class per week
1 Jumping class per week


About IEA

Our team travels to shows at other host barns and compete on horses drawn at random. Riders are judged on their equitation both on the flat and over fences with classes from Walk Trot Canter up to jumping at 2'6. Each team member can compete in up to 5 shows per season. The competition season runs September - February, with post season of Regional, Zonal and National Championships running March - April.  The IEA is modeled after the IHSA (Intercollegiate Horse Show Association) which boasts 370+ member colleges and universities. Many college coaches attend the IEA Nationals and are interested in riders of all experience levels for their teams. 

​We realize this is a huge commitment of time and expense, but an activity of this level will definitely be an invaluable experience. It will essentially be the same experience of having one's own horse and showing "on the circuit", but without having to care for the horse and/or bring the horse to the shows combined with the convenience of Salko Farm. It will instill a sense of responsibility, time management and poise in the riders. It will also impress College Admissions Directors to see a student who is focused and committed to 1 passion, rather than trying to be in every activity possible.