Salko Farm & Stable, LLC 

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Salko Farm & Stable, LLC is a family owned farm in the spectacular setting of Greenfield Hill. We offer an all English Riding Lesson Program, focusing on lessons for children.  We offer Weekly Intro to Riding Lessons for 3-5 year olds and Private Riding Lessons for children 6 years and older.  When students meet specific criteria with their riding, their instructor will move them on to Group Lessons. We do not put more than 4 riders in any one group and do our best to put together children of the same age and ability. We carefully select our school horses for temperament and training, rather than size or breeding so that our riders can have the best possible experience riding with us. The atmosphere at Salko Farm is relaxed and family oriented -- focusing on safe, pleasure riding.

 Over the past 18 years we have been evolving from a small program with 1 horse and 1 instructor to our current program with 25 horses and 3 instructors. We are now offering 4 Schooling Shows per year for our riders to compete for points and measure their growth in riding ability. The Shows will culminate in a Year End Banquet where the riders will be recognized for their achievement and receive prizes. We are also excited to have our first Salko Farm IEA Show Team for students who want to participate in a National Horse Show Program without having to own their own horse, competing at other farms in New England and New York.  It is an intensive riding program for kids in 6th - 12th grade consisting of flat lessons, jumping lessons, horsemanship lessons and competitions as a Team for team and individual points. It is a carefully designed program to prepare riders for competition in middle school, high school and college. You can go to the "IEA Team" page to find more information. 

But to quench the competitive thirst of our more multi-faceted riders who are not ready to commit to such a intense program, we will still have our yearly Fall Schooling Show on the first Sunday of November. It is exclusively for our Salko Farm Riders and everyone gets a ribbon in each class they enter. We also offer an amazing Summer Riding Academy for a horse-intensive experience for children 6 years and older that she or he will never forget!!

Anna and Andrew Salko who began Salko Farm in 1948
Their son Chris Salko keeping Salko Farm tradition alive
Drew Salko, Third Generation living at Salko Farm